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Here you will find complete squeegees for windows consisting of handle and channel. The squeegee as the most important tool in window cleaning allows you to thoroughly remove all the water from the glass. When you choose the squeegee, pay attention to the size of the window so it could move freely on the glass. In the case of the S technique, the channel should have a length of about 40% of the width of the window. In the case of squeegeing up and down, the channel must be selected so as to make 2-5 movements in one window. Channels lengths from 15 to 105 cm are available. The most popular channel size is 45 cm. The squeegees differ in size, type of material, quality of workmanship, etc. The following squeegees are just a few sets of channel + handle. You can also adjust the squeegee to your needs by choosing a handle for the channel in other categories. If you have any questions, write to us!