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Delivery time Poland: 4-6 weeks Delivery time Europe: 4-8 weeks

Window and facade cleaning system GrippaMAX 300 L

System for washing windows and facades with demineralized water (Water Fed) with a tank mounted on the vehicle. It has a crash test certificate.

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First, some practical information about demineralized water and Water Fed systems


Demineralized water is completely pure water, devoid of all minerals. The amount of substances in the water can be tested with the TDS (total dissolved solids) meter. Its purity level is given in PPM (parts per milion). If the PPM is 0, the water is completely demineralized. Fully purified water provides fantastic results when cleaning windows and facades – it reduces electrostatics, cleans well without solvents, leaves no smudges and stains after drying. Thanks to Water Fed, we can quickly and thoroughly clean glazing, blinds, metal structures and composite facades up to a height of 24 meters.

The complete system for washing with demineralized water (Water Fed) consists of a device for demineralization of water, a pole usually made of carbon fiber and a brush with soft bristles. Everything is connected to each other by hoses. Two things are important to achieve the perfect cleaning result:

  • The first is demineralized water, i.e. water that does not contain any minerals and is perfectly clean.
  • The second is the thorough removal of all dirt from the cleaned surface and all nooks and crannies

There are two types of filter systems:

  • DI (deionization) – filtration takes place by flowing water through a tank filled with deionization resin. The resin wears out and is replaced with a new one. This solution works best in areas with low PPM and the occasional use of Water Fed technology.
  • RO (reverse osmosis) – the main filtration is done through the reverse osmosis process. The membrane, which is the most important tool of this system, is preceded by prefilters that protect it against excessive wear and damage. The deionization tank or filter is located at the end of the system and polishes the water leaving the membrane from ~ 10 PPM to 0 PPM.


VAN water demineralization system GrippaMAX 300 L

GrippaMax is a water demineralization system with a combined tank. Compact construction, minimalist design, simplicity of use are the distinguishing features of the system.

Technical informations:

  • Tanks with honeycomb structured baffles.
  • Systems have undergone rigorous tests that guarantee safety of use, see the link for a video showing the test-  GrippaMAX MIRA HyGE Sled Test
  • Very stable construction (as opposed to transparent, white tanks that can be found on the market).
  • The system has a low center of gravity, which positively affects the driving comfort.
  • The system can be equipped with: water heating system (individual quotation).
  • System dimensions: 93 cm (length) x 97 cm (width) x 61 cm (hight).
  • Tank capacity: 300 L
  • Weight of the filled system ~ 420 kg
  • Available in variants: 300, 400, 500, 650 i 1000 liters and various types of filtration.
  • The set does not include hose reels and additional accessories shown in the photos.

System equipment:

  • Automatic water shut-off when the system is full.
  • 12v battery included in the system, charger required for charging, you will find it in our offer (link after adding).
  • Charging from the vehicle’s alternator as standard for cars up to 2015. For vehicles from 2015, the smart charger can be found here (link).
  • Connection underports included as standard.
  • Pump controllers (mounted in the tank housing).
  • Two 100 psi pumps (operating at 12v, making them safe and quiet).

The 300 L system is suitable for installation on the following vehicles: Ford Connect, Renault Trafic and Fiat Talento and similar vehicles.

To complete ready to work system, beyond demineralization device, you need to equip telescopic poles, brushes, nozzles and hoses.



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