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Delivery time Poland: 4-8 weeks Delivery time Europe: 5-10 weeks

WFP Link V16 Pump Controller 12V

The WFP Link v16 controller is one of the most advanced controllers that has the function of connecting to a telephone and remote control.

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WFP Link V16 Pump Controller 12V

  • It controls the operation of the 12v pump
  • Working range 0-99% of pump power
  • Control from the level of: controller, application or remote control
  • The application is available on the Appstore and Google Play
  • Long radio range of the remote control
  • Programmable buttons on the remote control, e.g. for rinsing (higher pressure) and washing (lower pressure)
  • Compatible with most pumps used in water fed systems – in case of doubt, please send an inquiry
  • Pumpsmooth™ – Advanced pump drive system is much smoother and quieter
  • PolarityProtect™ – the controller will not be damaged if connected incorrectly
  • PumpPrecision™ – greater precision, greater water savings, more accurate blind spot detection
  • PumpProtect™ – protects the entire system
  • It has the “Dead End” function – detection of the moment when we close the valve
  • Ongoing battery voltage measurement
  • It turns off when the battery voltage drops below the safe range
  • It has an IP65 tightness certificate
  • Included: controller, wiring, fuses, assembly manual, wiring manual
  • The controller is available in our new, black and gold version (it differs from the one in the posted photo)