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Delivery time Poland: 1-2 working days Delivery time Europe: 3-6 working days

Unger HydroPower Ultra DI Water Fed System

DI water demineralization system.

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Unger HydroPower Ultra DI Facade Cleaning System

Demineralized water is completely pure water, devoid of all components. The amount of ingredients in the water can be tested with the TDS (total dissolved solids) meter. Its purity level is given in PPM (parts per minion). If the PPM is 0, the water is completely demineralized. Crystal clear water provides fantastic results when cleaning windows and facades – it reduces electrostaticity, cleans well without using solvents, leaves no smudges and stains after drying.

  • It is possible to clean windows and façades up to 20 m high
  • No costs related to the rental of an increase and the salary of an industrial climber
  • Safe work, from the ground
  • Washing the window is done very quickly only by moving the brush over the glass – the water evaporates without leaving smudges
  • More orders handled by a smaller number of people
  • Possibility to clean windows, smooth facades and also solar panels
  • Equipped with a valve to regulate pressure and flow


There are two types of filtering devices:

DI (deionization) – filtration takes place by flowing water through a tank filled with deionization resin. The resin wears out and is replaced with a new one. Unger HydroPower is a DI type system.

RO (reverse osmosis) – the main filtration is done through the reverse osmosis process. The membrane, which is the main tool of this system, is preceded by prefilters. The deionization tank or filter is located at the end of the system and cleans the water leaving the membrane from ~ 10 PPM to 0 PPM.

Using a DI system is more cost effective in areas with low PPM water and when you don’t plan on using the system too often. If the water in your area is hard and you intend to use the system very often, consider purchasing a RO machine (operating costs decrease 20 – 40 times).


More information about the Unger HydroPower Ultra DI system:

Replacing the resin packs is done very quickly by removing the cover and removing the resin bags. The TDS meter is located in the cover – the ability to constantly monitor the purity of the water. You can easily connect most poles available on the market to the system thanks to the quick couplers.


The product is available in variants:

DI 6L system – includes 1 resin bag and TDS meter in the lid

DI 18L system – includes 3 resin bags and a TDS meter in the lid

DI 18L system – includes 3 resin bags and TDS meter in the lid (trolley version)

Information brochure for download here.

Check out tutorial videos and learn more about Unger systems ->  www.ungerglobal.com/video



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