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Delivery time Poland: 5-7 working days Delivery time Europe: 1-2 tygodnie

Unger HydroPower™ RO System

Waterfed System due to you speed up your work and save money.

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Unger HydroPower™ RO System


What is window washing with water demineralized (deionised)?

Demineralized water is completely clean water, without any ingredients. The amount of ingredients in the water we can examine the TDS meter (total dissolved solids-sum of solutes). The level of purity is given in PPM (parts per minion-the amount of part per million). If PPM is 0 the water is completely demineralised. Crystal clear Water provides fantastic results when cleaning windows and facades-it reduces the electro static, great clean without chemicals, leaves no streaks and oversaturateds after drying.


More Advantages:

  • The possibility of cleaning windows and facades façade up to 20 m height
  • No costs associated with renting up and the salary of an industrial mountaineer
  • Work safely, from the ground
  • Window cleaning is done very quickly only by moving the brush through the glass-water evaporates without leaving streaks
  • High efficiency-up to 150 m2/h
  • More orders handled by fewer people
  • Possibility of washing windows, smooth facades and also solar panels


What makes up a complete system?

  • A DI or RO filtration device pluged into the water from the mains
  • Water supply hose to pole
  • Telescopic pole
  • Gooseneck
  • Brush


There are two types of filtration devices:

DI (deionisation)-filtration is done by water flow through a tank filled with ionic resin. The resin wears and is replaced with a new one. The wear time for the tank approx. 12 litres is shown in the table.

RO (reverse osmosis)-main filtration is a process of reverse osmosis. The diaphragm, which is the main tool of this system is preceded by Prefilters. The reservoir or RO filter is located at the end of the system and clean water coming from the membrane from ~ 10 ppm to 0 ppm.

Using DI is more profitable in areas with low-PPM water and when you don’t plan to use the system too often. If the water in your area is hard and you plan to use the system very often, consider buying a RO machine (operating costs fall 5-10 times).


Features of the Unger system

  • Multi-stage filtration process-3 stage pre-filtration process—> reverse osmosis Process—> DI filter
  • Easy operation-Quick coupling system
  • Quick and Easy Filter replacement
  • High capacity pure water output of up to 400 litres per hour.
    Designed to be used by 1, 2 or 3 operators simultaneously.
  • Low operating costs
  • You can buy Gardiner—> https://winshop.pl/kategoria-produktu/water-fed/kije-do-mycia-woda-demineralizowana-gardiner/ in our system
  • Ask for a special offer on a set of machine + brush and pole
  • The equipment will turn to your company very quickly and at low cost to serve many years
  • Unger brochure:  https://www.ungerglobal.com/media/wysiwyg/catalog/_RO40C_HydroPower%20RO-Brochure-EN.pdf



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