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Ova8 Telescopic Pole 60 46T

Lightweight telescopic pole for window and facade cleaning made of carbon fiber. Oval cross-section provides greater rigidity of individual sections and prevents them from twisting towards each other.

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Ova8 60ft 46T Telescopic Pole for Window and Facade Cleaning

The Ova8 carbon telescopic poles are designed with an oval profile to ensure maximum rigidity without adding weight to the pole.

The clamps have been designed with ergonomics in mind – the oval cross-section prevents rotation and wear of individual sections of the pole, the clamps only have to block the section’s operation in the “up-down” range. Therefore, they do not require the use of great force to block the movement of a given section, they work lightly and smoothly.

The oval shape of the section also improves the grip – the pole is more comfortable in the hand, which translates directly into the comfort of work.


  • Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Carbon Fiber Type: 46T
  • Number of sections: 10
  • Working height: 19.8 m
  • Folded length: 2.33 m
  • Length when unfolded: 18.3 m
  • Own weight: 4 kg
  • The pole is sold with an inner hose, a Ova8 gooseneck and a Streamline Medium Dual Bristle 26 cm brush or Gardiner Super-Lite Flocked 26 cm brush
Accessories useful for working with the pole or for its maintenance:
  • Bronze wool pad holder:
  • Rinse bar:
  • Teflon spray for the maintenance of telescopic poles:
  • Adapter that allows you to attach two tools at the same time:

Ova8 poles are compatible with all Gardiner, Streamline and FaceLift brushes.

Table showing the difference in stiffness of poles made of various types of carbon fiber:

The table shows the differences in the individual versions of 24T, 30T, 40T and 46T (HiMod) carbon fiber. The larger the number preceding the “T”, the stiffer the pole will be.


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