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Maykker Mop Complete Window Washer 15-45 cm

Innovative window washer. Thanks to the Velcro fastener, the sleeve fits perfectly to the T-bar.

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Maykker Python Sleeve 15-45 cm
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Sale! Maykker HandySleeve Velcro 15-45 cm
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Maykker T-Bar 15-45 cm
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Maykker EasyScrub Scrubbing Pads
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Maykker Mop Complete Window Washer

The complete washer consists of:


Maykker Python sleeve

  • Washer sleeve in the form of a pad
  • Fixed on the T-bar by wrapping it with Velcro
  • Thanks to the Velcro fastening, the sleeve perfectly adheres to the frame, unlike all other sleeves without Velcro
  • Made of the highest quality microfiber for maximum water absorption
  • It features a smaller microfiber tweed per square meter, giving it a less dense form
  • Very soft sleeve
  • Perfect for cleaning hydrophobic glass, with a protective film or other surfaces where it is necessary to minimize the risk of scratching
  • It copes very well with greasy dirt
  • Can be stored rolled up and folded – it takes up less space than a traditional sleeve
  • Available in sizes: 15, 25, 35 and 45 cm

Maykker HandySleeve Velcro

  • Velcro applied to the T-bar
  • It fits both the Maykker T-bar and T-bars from other manufacturers
  • Together with the T-bar, they create a universal tool on which you can put a cloth, Maykker velcro sleeve, steel wool, pad or anything else that sticks to the Velcro
  • The product is available in sizes: 15, 25, 35 and 45 cm

Maykker adjustable T-bar

  • Fits the HandySleeveVelcro and all washing sleeves from leading manufacturers
  • Maykker sleeves can be attached to the Handysleeve Velcro
  • It consists of a handle made of durable plastic and an aluminum tube
  • Equipped with a swivel handle that facilitates washing with a telescopic pole
  • Available sizes: 15, 25, 35 and 45 cm
  • Made in Europe

EasyScrub Pads

  • The pads are attached to the ends of the T-bars with the Maykker HandySleeve Velcro
  • 4 pads included
  • Different hardnesses are available: bronze wool pads, white or blue pads
  • Bronze wool pads are the most delicate, white pads are medium hard, blue pads are the most aggressive
  • Bronze wool is perfect for removing bird droppings, pollen and insects from glass, and is also ideal for cleaning conservatories, facades and UPVC.
  • White and blue pads are intended for post-construction cleaning
  • Please note that it is not recommended to use pads on painted surfaces, steel frames, lead windows, self-cleaning glass or glass with a special coating or foil.


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