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Delivery time Poland: 1-2 working days Delivery time Europe: 3-6 working days

DI Water Fed System

Water fed system for washing windows and facades at a height.

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DI Facade Cleaning System

  • An economical solution – perfect for starting your adventure with demineralized water
  • 11 liter tank – optimal filling with deionization resin in the amount of 7 liters – resin included!
  • The system is designed for washing in regions with relatively soft water – low PPM
  • High-quality fittings used – a guarantee of reliability
  • Universal hozelocks (male at the input, female at the outlet)
  • HM Digital water hardness meter included with the product – thanks to it you will be sure that the water at the outlet is soft enough
  • High efficiency – 7 liters of resin allows the demineralization of about 600 liters of water (at 300 PPM), which translates into 300-600 m2 of washed glazing. With soft water, < 100 PPM, the capacity can increase up to three times. With hard water > 400 PPM, the performance can be halved. When the resin is used up (when the value on the gauge exceeds 5 PPM), empty the tank, rinse it and then fill it with new resin. We recommend Unger resin.
  • The system is ready for operation, requires no electric power or a pump!
  • The complete set includes a telescopic pole with a gooseneck, brush, jets and a hose section (a water inlet hose with a connector and a 1/2″ hose with hozelocks that will bring water to the system)
  • The flow-through system is powered by mains water pressure
  • Sold in black colour


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